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Everything related to games including tips for server owners, command lines, modding and more.

Drucker County - Base locations

State of Decay 2 Base locations

Drucker County Vogel House, The starter home in Drucker County is called Vogel House, which is ...

x2 or x5 server setup - Gather Manager oxide

Rust Server Owners

How to set up a X times Rust server When it comes on most rust servers, there is one particular ...

Installing a custom map - Rust server Guide

Rust Server Owners

How To Install A Custom Map Several server owners have their own created maps by rustedit on the...

How to give/remove admin rights

Rust Server Owners

How to add RUST admins when the server is offline You will need direct FTP or file system acce...

Gather scrap Guide

Rust Player Guides

Scrap is one of the most needed items in the game and can be seen as a form of currency. It is vi...

Missions - Deadside

Deadside Deadside - Gametips

When it comes to Deadside its missions, there is at this moment only one kind of mission during t...

Hydroneer - Starter Guide


Introduction From this point in the guide, you should already have a basic understanding of how ...

DayZ - Starter Guide

DayZ Player Guides

STARTING OUT If you are spawned ingame, make sure you open up the map first to see where you a...

Cascade Hills - Base locations

State of Decay 2 Base locations

Cascade Hills base locations Corner Office The Corner Office is a good choice to check out firs...

Meagher Valley - Base locations

State of Decay 2 Base locations

Whitney Field One of the more interesting home bases that you can capture is called Whitney Fiel...

DayZ Admin - Tips & tricks


Got stuck while updating your dayz server or having issues with a few setups? Check out this sect...

Providence Ridge - Base locations

State of Decay 2 Base locations

Firetower Fortress This cozy, fortified base is built around a firewatch tower and features its ...

From 0 To hero - No need to buy on GE Guide

Runescape Money Making Guides - F2P

When it comes on making money on runescape, there are so many ways to make some quik few bucks, e...

From 0 to hero - P2P Rune crafting Guide

Runescape Money Making Guides - P2P

Once you vist this page, you will be here for one reason. Making money as a paid user on runescap...

Money Making - Making Cannonballs

Runescape Money Making Guides - P2P

Cannonballs are ammunition used for the Dwarf multicannon and are a high value item that's common...

Server setup - Windows

Night of the Dead Server Settings & setup

How to setup your server if you are renting this from frragnet or any other hosting. The...

The beginning - NOTD player first time

Night of the Dead Game Player Guides

While you spawned in the game, you end up in the middle of nowhere. Its time to survive! This gui...

Connection Timed Out - Rust

Rust Troubleshooting

Information   For example, you are farming all the way, running or walking around with your fel...

InvalidAuthSession - Rust

Rust Troubleshooting

InvalidAuthSession - Rust Some Rust players are seeing the ‘Steam Auth Timeout‘ error after bein...

NotEnoughBytesException - Rust DLC - Instruments

Rust Troubleshooting

NotEnoughBytesException - Rust DLC - Instruments When you all the sudden disconnect with a super...

Ingame Events


All ingame events their explanations and how-to guides for player and admin.

Deadside Game Items


Everything you should know about certain game items of Deadside can be found back here.


Everything related to pure modding, coding, and more for game servers, plugins, workshop mods, an...


RS3 - Everything related to Runescape can be found back here. From tips and tricks from our own m...


The only aim in Rust is to survive - Overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst, and cold. Build a...


Tips and tricks, Map information, zone information, and loot information.

Interactive Game maps


Everything related to DayZ can be found back here.

Night of the Dead

Time to plow some zombies on Night of the Dead? Check out these tips and tricks, server admin tip...


Time to mine for some gold nuggets. Check out this section if you are looking for game informatio...

Oxide - Rust

Oxide coding, examples, tutorials, and everything else related to oxide modding.

State of Decay 2

Guides, base locations, and wicked tips from the staff to get yourself started and not to get bit...

Server Owners


Tips and tricks for server owners, moderators, and admins.

Deadside - Gametips


All Deadside Game tips can be found back here.

Player Guides


New to the game? Check out this chapter!

Player Guides


Base locations

State of Decay 2

All base locations listed based on map names.

Money Making Guides - F2P


Money Making Guides - P2P


The from 0 to hero pay 2 play guides based on moneymaking.

Server Settings & setup

Night of the Dead

For all the guides about setting up your first NOTD server.

Game Player Guides

Night of the Dead

Check out this section for some wicked guides about NOTD



When there are problems with rust or your connection. All information depending on error code's a...

Deadside - Support


Got that burning question you want to ask? Who knows it's already been answered!

Questions to Devs - FAQ

Deadside Deadside - Support

Questions to devs - FAQ A VAST TERRITORY First of all, the world of the game is quite large whi...