Providence Ridge - Base locations

Firetower Fortress

This cozy, fortified base is built around a firewatch tower and features its own survey point, 4 built-in beds, and an Infirmary. It’s designed to be a great starting base for new players, with just enough room to explore customization before you’re ready to move to a better home.

Lundergaard lumbermill

This huge base is the first home site State of Decay 2 to include five large facility slots. This creates massive flexibility for players choosing to explore different base-building strategies. For just 3500 influence, this puppy can be yours. 

Prescott Fire Station

This large base offers a suite of unique built-in facilities unlike any other base:

  • A fully upgraded Workshop that reduces the parts cost for everything you build or repair.
  • A Fighting Gym that also teaches the Medicine skill and upgrades to provide passive injury recovery.
  • A Scout Tower allowing you to have 3 no-ammo-cost guards and offering a radio command to scout nearby territory.
  • A fully upgraded Firehouse Kitchen that includes food storage.
  • A Utility Room that provides both power and water to the entire base.
  • All facilities need to be repaired upon claiming home site.
  • Additionally, the perimeter wall features four gates and no climbable walls. Zombies must open closed gates by force to enter, providing time to deal with them.

This base location cost 3500 influence. Will you be the next owner?

Rusty Rosie's

This medium-size base comes equipped with a secret distillery in the Kitchen, an Auto Shop that teaches the Mechanics skill, and built-in Fuel Storage that doubles as a Watch Tower. Reports indicate that a strange supply drop landed here a long time ago, but has never been opened. This base is great for the mid-game experience, as its central location allows easy travel throughout Providence Ridge and all that for just a whopping 1000 infuence.