Meagher Valley - Base locations

Whitney Field

One of the more interesting home bases that you can capture is called Whitney Field. It’s in the far south of the map, not far from the road that leads from east to west. The base offers three large slots and two small outdoor slots, as well as various different existing facilities. These include one set of sheltered beds 2, four parking spaces, fortified bleachers, two sets of outdoor beds, and more. It’s arguably the best base in Meagher Valley.

Mazzara Farm

Next up, we have Mazzara Farm. It costs 1000 Influence and five survivors, and it’s arguably the second-best in Meagher Valley. You can find it in the dead center of the map, on the east bank of the river. It will grant you one country kitchen, one well house, one crewhouse, one grain silo storage, and two parking spaces. It also offers two large slots, one small indoor slot, and two outdoor ones.

Rural Police Station

The Rural Police Station is an interesting base. It’s in the northeast corner of the map. It has it’s fair share of open slots: two large, two small outdoor, and one small indoor. It also offers four parking spaces, a police armory, one set of doorless cells, one secure lockers, and one checkpoint. It’s a potentially interesting trade-off. To claim it, you’ll need 1000 Influence and five survivors.

Squelones Brewing Company

Another potentially interesting home base is the Squelones Brewing Company. It’s in the center-east of the map, next to the large road leading south, and you can claim it for 1500 Influence and six survivors. The best stuff it offers are a water tank and several open slots: one large, three small indoor, and two small outdoor. It also includes a tasting room, three parking spaces, one primary still, one craft still, and one keg cooperage, which is clearable.

Camp Kalenqua.

Meagher Valley is also the home of Camp Kalenqua. It’s north of the large lake, and it takes 1000 Influence and five survivors to claim. It has quite a bit to offer, and is a pretty decent choice overall. It has two large open slots and two small indoor ones. Then, there’s the existing facilities: one heavy trash (clearable), one cafeteria kitchen, one old well, two parking spaces, one bunkhouse, and one clearable seating area.

Country Church.

Lastly, there’s the Country Church. It’s in the west of the map. It’s on the side of the road leading from north to south, just north of the large S bend. It’s cheap; you only need four survivors and 500 Influence. Appropriately enough, it doesn’t offer much. You get one large open slot, and one small outdoor slot. There’s also three parking spaces, one set of rear pews and one set of front pews (both clearable), a community food bank, and a watchpost