Drucker County - Base locations

Drucker County

Vogel House,

The starter home in Drucker County is called Vogel House, which is appropriately enough a large house surrounded by a walled-off estate. It’s location is in the north of the map. As far as facilities go, it offers one master bedroom, one chef’s kitchen, one double bunk room, one trash (clearable), and two parking spaces. There are also two small outdoor slots open. It’s not much, but it’ll do as a start since it requires zero influence and a single survivor to claim.

Barricaded Strip Mall

When you get to Drucker County, you’ll probably want to claim the Barricaded Strip Mall. It’s in the middle of the northern part of the map. It starts off with an urgent care facility, three bedrooms, three parking spots and three large outdoor slots. You can also attach two outposts to it. Plus, there’s a Tae-Kwon-Do gym, a high-end kitchen, etc. All of this comes at a high price: 3500 Influence and eight survivors.

Knight’s Family Drive-In

Then there’s the Knight’s Family Drive-In, in the far east of the area. It has four parking spaces, an infirmary, an auto shop, a generator, a gate tower, and even a drive-in theater you can fix up and use to boost your community’s morale. It also has several small expansion slots – one indoor, three outdoor, as well as one large slot. You’ll need 1500 Influence and six survivors to claim it.

Mike’s Concrete

Mike’s Concrete is another good one, and it’s in the city in the bay, right in the middle of the map. It has two sheltered bed facilities, a machine shop, four parking spaces, a huge fuel storage and a backup generator. It’s highly customizable, starting off with two large slots, two small outdoors slots and one small indoor slot. It might be the best base in Drucker County. Especially because it’s not horribly expensive; it requires 1500 Influence and six survivors.

Cabin Park Motel

One more home base you might want to check out is Cabin Park Motel. You can find it in the south of the map, on the west bank of the large lake. You’ll need one thousand Influence and five survivors to claim it. It’s a fairly decent median in terms of what it has to offer. Existing facilities include one set of sheltered beds 2, one heavy trash (clearable), one country kitchen, one old well, two parking spaces, and one clearable seating area. Also, there’s two large open slots and one small indoor slot.

Wally’s Bar & Grill

Next up, we have Wally’s Bar & Grill. It’s in the center of the map, and a little to the east. The place is fairly cheap; you need 500 Influence and four survivors. However, it doesn’t really offer much in return. You’ll get one bar and grill, two parking spaces, and two seating areas (clearable). As for open slots, there’s one large slot and two small outdoor slots.

Wheelhouse Truck Stop

The last stop you can find in Drucker County is the Wheelhouse Truck Stop, in the far west of the map. It’ll take 1000 Influence and five survivors. It has both upsides and downsides. It offers four parking spaces, a huge fuel storage, a restaurant kitchen, and an auto shop. On the downside, there’s only one large open slot, just one set of outdoor beds, and two clearable seating areas.