Money Pallets - Locations

Money Pallets - Locations

Like Sex Dolls, players can also collect money pallets for some extra cash. Each pallet will earn you $1000 and after every five pallets, you will get extra $1000 dollars to your account.

Money Pallet #1

Location. Move down the street (south) from Parkview flats. The money pallet is in Smiling Jack’s restaurant.

Money Pallet #2

Location. To the east of Organ Blackmarket, a pallet can be found on the roof of a house across the street.

Money Pallet #3

Location. You can find one under the tree along the road leading to the power plant which is near the second meth lab.

Money Pallet #4

Location. From the clothing store named as “Nobody Loves Me”, move along the road to some buildings cluttered together. Head back to these buildings and search for the pallet.

Money Pallet #5

Location. Along the large highway that connects the western and central islands of Steeport is an under-construction tower. Head upstairs to find a money pallet there.

Money Pallet #7

Location. To the north of Olde Steel Factory, you can find a pallet in open train bogies.

Money Pallet #8

Location. Search the back sections of both Crackhouse and then Factory buildings.

Money Pallet #9

Location. To south of Angel’s Casino is a Friendly fire. You can find the pallet on its roof. How to get there? You can reach by jumping off the highway above.

Money Pallet #10

Location. As you further move along the road from 3-Count Casino, there is a pallet waiting for you there.

Money Pallet #11

Location. Get to the bridge from the High Rise Condos use the main road. Look for the pallet under the raised street.

Money Pallet #12

Location. There is a friendly fire in the northeast section of the central island. From here, follow the road heading south and after you pass under the bridge, head west to look for pallet behind the buildings to the west side of the street.

Money Pallet #13

Location. From Rusty’s Needle, head along the elevated rail towards the south. Then turn left and follow the path till you find some apartment complexes in the southeast direction. Search for the pallet in this area.

Money Pallet #14

Location. Search the southern section of the monument island to find a money pallet.

Money Pallet #15

Location. Explore the southeast section of the central island in Steelport to find an abandoned gas station. Check the outskirts to find a pallet.

Money Pallet #16

Location. To the eastern island of Steelport, there is a tower building on a small island north to the central tower. The pallet is on its rooftop.

Money Pallet #17

Location. Look for a pallet behind a friendly fire building in easternmost island of Steelport. The pallet will be lying on the concrete floor.

Money Pallet #18

Location. If you move south from the airport hangar using a chopper, you will be able to spot a pallet on the roof of one of the buildings you encounter first.

Money Pallet #19

Location. From Curly’s Chop Block, the first building you find on the left has the cash bag in the backyard.

Money Pallet #20

Location. To the north of Leather and Lace (clothing shop), you can find the cash in an ally across the road.