Seasonal event - Easter on rust

The RUST Easter Event is a week-long event where players can hunt for hidden colorful eggs. In addition to the event easter egg hunt minigame, a collection of items and skins will be released along them to celebrate easter all around the world!

Egg Hunt Event

The Server triggers the event mostly during the daytime on vanilla servers.

For modded servers, its depending if there is no nightskip plugin installed or anything else that could alter day/night time cycle. 

When the event has started, players will have 3 minutes to collect sparkling Easter eggs that will spawn in random locations throughout the game map. A leader board will appear at the top-right corner of the screen to show the egg hunt leaders. Once the 3-minute timer ticks to zero, all remaining eggs will disappear. 

Surprise Easter Eggs

Eggs that are collected by players during the egg hunt event can be combined and upgraded for Bronze Eggs. From there, 10 bronze eggs would be needed for 1 silver egg and for 1 golden egg, you already guessed it, its 10 yet again for a solid golden egg.