Rust - The chinook event

The Chinook helicopter with hackable crate event is a physical Chinook entity that can be randomly flying in the game. While its a event that automatically is being triggered is there also a way to have them being spawned into the game with a simple command with or without the accompanying scientist on board. The Chinook 47 event is designed to run automatically on vanilla servers by default, in a similar fashion to the Patrol Helicopter and Supply Drop events. NOTE: This requires the “” variable to be set to true.

The hackable crate

The Chinook 47 event will be piloted and crewed by the mysterious blue hazmat suit-wearing scientist or better known as Cobalt NPC. It will fly around the map and eventually will visit a monument to drop its cargo. The Cargo, or well known as a "CodeLockedHackableCrate" will be dropped on the map. 

This Hackable Crate contains various high-tiered loot, meaning that PvP will be a fact when going for it as its a favorite crate for players that just joined the gamesession or for people who would love to have that bit of extra blood on their salvaged pickaxe. 

The wicked benefits of having a Chinook Event:

  • The RUST Chinook 47 command (CH47) can be used to add additional NPCs into your server
  • Allows players to interact with more hostile NPCs as well for possible PvP interaction.
  • Admins can spawn in the event to give players more chinooks when it comes on high populated servers.
  • A method to slow down larger groups from freely looting monuments without challenge

How to spawn the event?

Use the command below to spawn the Chinook event, with the scientist crew on board.

spawn ch47scientists.entity

On success the console will display:

spawned ch47scientists.entity[3426268362] at (111.0, 0.1, 124.9)