Rust - Patrol helicopter Event

The Patrol helicopter is an active event on all Rust servers that is runned automatically on vanilla servers every 2 to 3 hours by the server itself. The patrol helicopter takes aproximate 2 full map runs before it goes back to base.

What does the Patrol Helicopter do?

The attack helicopter is controlled by the server’s AI and patrols the RUST game world. It patrols the game world and flies randomly from monument to monument. The patrol helicopter is looking to attack other players that are armed with weapons, advanced tools, or 3 or more pieces of clothing. On some modded servers, this could be different.

The patrol helicopter uses Bullets, rockets and napalm rockets to defend himself while you are have the ability to take it down. To make sure you start a fight with the patrol helicopter to stack up meds and a decent amount of ammo. 

How can i take it down fast?

It fully depends on how fast you would be able to take it down. Some players prefer a M249 while others remain with LR's. Explosive ammo is also suggested a few times, but the chance on getting a return of invest is lower then if done with normal usual bullets.

Why do we have this annoying humble bee flying around? 

This patrol helicopter event is introduced after reports of many doorcampers. Server admins are having the ability to spawn in a patrol helicopter in such cases to get the players back to their base while this event can also be used as a server event in commonly. 

Are there mods for this patrol helicopter? 

Yes, we do have a few wicked mods for the patrol helicopter. Mostly found on umod.

Cons and pros

Some things to keep in mind for all of the helicopter spawn commands:

  • Depending on the size of the map and the command used, the patrol helicopter may not be visible or audible for some time. This is due to the range at which the helicopter can spawn away from your current location. Sometimes, it can spawn in the north while the next time it could be in the south, depending on the number of players active at a certain zone.
  • If you as a server owner would enter the command "" more than once, you will en queue additional helicopters to spawn. The more helicopters you spawn in, the bigger the chances of lag or disconnections as the helicopters will cause serious performance issues for a server if too many are spawned in at one time.