NotEnoughBytesException - Rust DLC - Instruments

NotEnoughBytesException - Rust DLC - Instruments

When you all the sudden disconnect with a super weird error you haven't seen before, it starts wondering what FacePunch might have screwed up again. Sadly, this time its actually on yourself to blame. But, there is nothing to be worried about as its a easy fix for this issue.

Sometimes, in the console when you disconnect, you might see this error or a similar error.

NotEnoughBytesException - Rust DLC - How to fix this issue? 

This is very simple. As you love to make music ingame with the music instruments, does one of your MIDI files being the cause of this. The error explains as follow. 

"The exception that is thrown when a MIDI file doesn't contain enough bytes to read a value."

To fix this, removing the corrupted MIDI file will resolve this issue.