Installing a custom map - Rust server Guide

How To Install A Custom Map

Several server owners have their own created maps by rustedit on their game server. If you want to make one, and you already did. Then you would be wondering on how to add this to your server so that others are able to join it. you will be using dropbox in this case as this is the simplest option there is. Keep in mind, you must verify that your custom map was generated on the latest version of Rust. Older map versions might not work and will result in conflicts..

To use Dropbox for your custom map download link, select the "Custom Map" default command-line option. From there, create a Dropbox account located at Next, upload your custom map file to dropbox. Now that your file is uploaded, you'll have to make a public link so that your server may access it. To do this, click "Share" next to your file, then copy your share link by clicking "copy link." Go ahead and paste it into your browser. You will see that the URL ends in "?dl=0" this signifies that this is not an automatic download link. To use this link for your server, change the 0 into 1 ( "?dl=0" to "?dl=1" ) parameter at the end of the URL and paste that into your command line parameter for Dropbox URL. 

Once you've made all of your changes, click apply, then restart your server. You can watch your file download progress within your web console. If this process lasts for more than two hours, Then there might be something wrong with your map or hosting company. Please contact your hosting provider in case this would happen.