Connection Timed Out - Rust



For example, you are farming all the way, running or walking around with your fellow horse or who knows you might be that speedevil on the roads, something you dont want to have is a Connection Timed Out. When there is a connection timed out, it means that the steam servers are having some connection issues with the game, therefor kicking you as it could otherwise as a result of desync. In order to fix this issue, you have to do the following steps. 

Connection Timed Out - How to fix

There are a few easy ways to fix this issue. 

  1. Quit the game and check the gamefiles for any missing or broken files. Once the check is done, it should automatically download the missing files or it removed the broken once's and fixes it with the new correct version. If this wont help, proceed with step 2.
  2. Disable your WIFI. Its not advised to play this game with WIFI. Use a cable instead. If this wont help, Please proceed with the next step. 
  3. Check your hardware for potential Hardware updates. Sometimes, hardware could cause failure's when playing games. A kernal error could popup for example, making it stressful as that error is something you really want to avoid. Make also sure that the hardware will do fine with the game.