The only aim in Rust is to survive - Overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst, and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals. Protect yourself from other players. Everything related to rust can be found back here. Including tips for server owners, command lines, plugin suggestions, and more.

Server Owners

Tips and tricks for server owners, moderators, and admins.

Server Owners

x2 or x5 server setup - Gather Manager oxide

How to set up a X times Rust server

When it comes on most rust servers, there is one particular plugin being used a lot. To use plugins, oxide ( umod ) has to be installed in order to apply these changes. For the setup of the server, we use Gather Manager. Gather Manager is a simple to use plugin which allows you to manage the gather rates quickly and efficiently with just a few command lines. By following this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about this plugin. Gather Manager allows for the modification of four different types of gather resources. These are dispensers, pickup, quarry, and survey.

To modify resource nodes and pickup rates based on these values are simple. They can be done by simply inputting two console commands.

dispenser.scale <dispenser:tree|ore|corpse> <multiplier>


gather.rate <type:dispenser|pickup|quarry|survey> "resource type" <multiplier> 

Please keep in mind that the "Resource Type" allows you for the use of the * wildcard, which means "all" Resources will be effected if you apply the wildcard to it. If not, simply replace the resource type with * to change the gather rate on all resources within the dispenser type.

The dispenser.scale command scales the amount of resources within the selected node by your multiplier. The gather.rate command scales the rate at which you collect the resource. Below is a more detailed explanation of the different dispenser types, as well as ways to use them


The Dispenser is a source of items which you can collect. This is what most users will use for most cases as this is the most simple way to provide a basic overall multiplier. The Dispenser is in reference to actual gathering nodes, for example, a tree for wood, or a rock for stone. The gather.rate dispenser group allows for the use of the * wildcard, which means "all." An example is seen below. 

To scale all trees so that they contain twice as many resources, simply press F1, if you are an admin on your server, and type the following command:

dispenser.scale tree 2

To scale the gathering of wood from all sources of wood by 2, simply enter this command:

gather.rate dispenser Wood 2

To scale all dispensers so that they both contain twice as many resources, and each collection yields twice as many resources, simply enter both commands as shown:

dispenser.scale tree 2

gather.rate dispenser * 2

These commands make use of the * wildcards, which mean "all." So, the first command scales the amount of resources within tree dispensers by 2, and the second command increases the rate at which you gather resources on all dispenser types by 2. 


The type "Pickup" changes the scale of items which are on the ground which you may pick up. For example, small stones, small pieces of wood, etc. 

To modify this value, all you can do is change the gather rate, as there is a finite amount of resources within this source. For example, by default, you pick up 50 stones when you find loose stone on the ground. To increase this amount by 5, so that you receive 250, all you must do is type the following command:

gather.rate pickup Stones 5

Alternatively, you can also use the * wildcard to make all loose resources multiply their output by 5. 

gather.rate pickup * 5


The Quarry resource, as it sounds, are resources which come from the quarry. The plugin developer warns that "the resources gained by the Mining Quarry are zone specific, so even if you set a specific resource to give 10 times as much by example, it is still possible that nothing of that resource is given." So, depending on the quarry itself, you still may receive no bonus. To multiply the resource gathering of all Sones within the mining quarry by 10, simply input the following command

gather.rate quarry Stones 10

Again, you can use the * wildcard in this scenario as well.

gather.rate quarry * 10


The Survey type is used to modify the amount of resources you receive from the Survey Charge Grenade. For example, if you wish to gain 20 times as much sulfur ore using a Survey Charge, type the following command within your console:

gather.rate survey "Sulfur Ore" 20

Keep in mind, if the short name for your resource contains two words, surround it with quotation marks so that the plugin knows it's one string and not two variables. Alternatively, you can again use the * wildcard like so:

gather.rate survey * 20

5 Times Resources Server Setup

To make your server a 5 times resources server, simply enter the following commands within your game console (enter your console by pressing F1) or your RCon console:

gather.rate dispenser * 5

gather.rate pickup * 5

gather.rate quarry * 5

gather.rate survey *5

dispenser.scale tree 5

dispenser.scale ore 5

dispenser.scale corpse 5

This will multiply the resources within all of your dispensers by 5, as well as all items you pick up by 5, all items within the quarry by 5, and all items spawned by a Survey Charge by 5. Lastly, it will increase the amount of resources you pick up at a time from dispensers such as trees, rocks, ore, and corpses by 5.

10 Times Resource Server Setup

To make your server a 10 times resources server, simply enter the following commands within your game console (enter your console by pressing F1) or your RCon console:

gather.rate dispenser * 10

gather.rate pickup * 10

gather.rate quarry * 10

gather.rate survey *10

dispenser.scale tree 10

dispenser.scale ore 10

dispenser.scale corpse 10

This will multiply the resources within all of your dispensers by 10, as well as all items you pick up by 10, all items within the quarry by 10, and all items spawned by a Survey Charge by 10. Lastly, it will increase the amount of resources you pick up at a time from dispensers such as trees, rocks, ore, and corpses by 10.

If you would like resource multipliers which are higher, less than, or just not 5 or 10, simply replace the multiplier (5, or 10 in the cases as shown above) by whatever multiplier you like. 

Server Owners

Installing a custom map - Rust server Guide

How To Install A Custom Map

Several server owners have their own created maps by rustedit on their game server. If you want to make one, and you already did. Then you would be wondering on how to add this to your server so that others are able to join it. you will be using dropbox in this case as this is the simplest option there is. Keep in mind, you must verify that your custom map was generated on the latest version of Rust. Older map versions might not work and will result in conflicts..

To use Dropbox for your custom map download link, select the "Custom Map" default command-line option. From there, create a Dropbox account located at Next, upload your custom map file to dropbox. Now that your file is uploaded, you'll have to make a public link so that your server may access it. To do this, click "Share" next to your file, then copy your share link by clicking "copy link." Go ahead and paste it into your browser. You will see that the URL ends in "?dl=0" this signifies that this is not an automatic download link. To use this link for your server, change the 0 into 1 ( "?dl=0" to "?dl=1" ) parameter at the end of the URL and paste that into your command line parameter for Dropbox URL. 

Once you've made all of your changes, click apply, then restart your server. You can watch your file download progress within your web console. If this process lasts for more than two hours, Then there might be something wrong with your map or hosting company. Please contact your hosting provider in case this would happen.

Server Owners

How to give/remove admin rights

How to add RUST admins when the server is offline

  1. You will need direct FTP or file system access to your game server. Use whichever method you are most comfortable with.
  2. Connect to the game server’s FTP or file system and navigate to the following folder:


  3. Open or create a new file with the following name and extension:


  4. For each user that you want to assign the owner admin role to, you will need their 64-bit Steam ID. You can use a great service called, SteamID I/O to find the corresponding ID. Simply input the role, 64-bit Steam ID, steam name (optional), reason (optional).
  5. Enter the following line, on a separate line, for each player you want to assign the owner admin role:

    ownerid “64_bit_steam_id” “optional_user_name” “optional_reason”

  6. If you want to add a moderator role, you will follow the same steps above, but instead, enter the following role:

    moderatorid “64_bit_steam_id” “optional_name” “optional_reason”

  7. You will then need to restart your game server in order for the changes to take effect.


Remove RUST admins using the server’s user.cfg file

There are 2 requirements for using the server’s user.cfg file

In order to remove a RUST admin using the server’s user.cfg file

  1. Connect to your server’s file system in your preferred method.
  2. Locate the users.cfg file, found in /server/<your_servers_identity>/cfg/
  3. Open the file and remove the line item containing the admin user’s 64 bit SteamID
  4. Save the file and restart your server
Server Owners

How to setup a Softcore server

What is the RUST Softcore Game Mode?

RUST’s recently introduced the new Softcore mode. In this guide, i'm explaining what Softcore is and how to apply the softcore mode to your servernode. 

The Softcore Game Mode sets out to balance the brutal nature of the game by addressing a few key areas, such as:

To enable RUST’s Softcore Game Mode, you must own your own server.

Firstly, you have to modify the start-up configuration to include the gamemode.set softcore variable. For Dedicated serverowners, it might also be that this can be just a simple switch on the Client side of your server. For example, on Fragnet, this is simple as just applying it with a simple check. 

Softcore Game Mode RUST servers have three variables that server admins can adjust. These include modifying the percentage of items that remain reclaimable on a player’s hot bar, inventory, and worn armor.

Variable Default Value
gamemodesoftcore.reclaim_fraction_belt 0.5
gamemodesoftcore.reclaim_fraction_main 0.5
gamemodesoftcore.reclaim_fraction_wear 0

Each of these settings is a fraction value, so setting 0.1 is equivalent to setting 10%, whereas setting the value to 1 is 100%. These settings will impact players when they return to their corpses or access the Reclamation Terminals inside each safe zone. Players will now see the specified % of items that they can reclaim from their lost inventory. 

The Reclamation Terminals have 42 available slots which will hold the combined items that are transferred from the corpse’s belt (hot bar), main inventory, and worn armor, each time a player dies. There is also a small stash that will appear next to the player’s corpse with this loot, so you can use either option. But be sure to access either option within 2 hours.

This particular game mode, while relatively new, is still very much experimental. The Facepunch Development team has made it clear that everything might be changed in the future. If this does, we will update this topic as well.

Player Guides

New to the game? Check out this chapter!

Player Guides

Gather scrap Guide

Scrap is one of the most needed items in the game and can be seen as a form of currency. It is vitally important in researching, crafting, and repairing, and is also used to make the Salvaged Hammer and other craftable objects.

Scrap can be used to purchase weapons, tools, armor and other valuable items from the Bandit Camp and Scientist Compound (Outpost). Scrap can also be traded among other players to buy certain goods or if you want to pay yourself out of a very unlucky moment.

There are many methods of getting scrap in RUST that fits to every user their play style. Whether you would rather play it safe or enjoy the rush and risks of losing it all, for everyone there’s a method of scrap collecting. To obtain scrap, you can:

  1. Find scrap in Crates and Barrels.
  2. Loot scrap from defeated NPCs ( Large monuments with NPC provides more loot and is more attractive to others as well ).
  3. Trade-in items at the Bandit-Camp for scrap.
  4. Recycle unwanted items at monuments into scrap in a recycler.
  5. Gamble your hard-earned scrap away in the hope of making it back even harder by winning it at bandit camp.
  6. Trading with other players
  7. Taking it from other players who are also searching for some scrap to survive.

Getting scrap is critical for:

  1. Building essential base components. Gears for example, metal pipes or other parts you need for crafting like workbenches.
  2. Making blueprints at the research table.
  3. Experimenting at a workbench.
  4. Purchasing items from the Bandit Camp and Scientist Compound (Outpost).
  5. Purchasing from vehicle vendors.
  6. Trading with other players.

The workbenches are crucial to expanding the utility of your base. Without one, you cannot craft beyond simple stone tools and rudimentary base components. And so your first large investment of scrap will go into your level 1 workbench. Once you have your first workbench down, a relatively small investment of 50 scrap, you’ll want to use the bench to make a research table. 

Tip: If you have enough scrap and rather want to skip the level 1 workbench and want to make a level 2, visit the compound or bandit camp. There is a level 1 workbench lurking around. Can you find all the 3 locations?


Player Guides

High-Quality Metal - Farming Guide

High-Quality Metal is considered as a rare resource used for crafting metal items such as armor, doors, weapons and more. High Quality Metal is often used as the 'top-tier' when constructing or upgrading building blocks.

Farming High-Quality Metal and High-Quality Metal ore can be a pain for any new beginning player. However, there are a few ways to grab yourself some on the road while farming. You can find them mostly everywhere, as long you know where to find it. 

Container Risk Amount Chance
Elite Tier Crate - Med 15–71 28 %
Heavy Scientist - High 15–24 2 %
Locked Crate - Med 6–100 45 %
Military Crate - Med  15–24 17 %
Mine Crate - Low 1 8 %
Minecart - Low 1 8 %
Oil Rig Locked Crate - High 1–100 45 %
Oil Rig Scientist - Med 15–24 3 %
Sunken Chest - Low 15–24 25 %
Supply Drop - Med 32–39 33 %


When there are problems with rust or your connection. All information depending on error code's and so on can be found back here.


Connection Timed Out - Rust



For example, you are farming all the way, running or walking around with your fellow horse or who knows you might be that speedevil on the roads, something you dont want to have is a Connection Timed Out. When there is a connection timed out, it means that the steam servers are having some connection issues with the game, therefor kicking you as it could otherwise as a result of desync. In order to fix this issue, you have to do the following steps. 

Connection Timed Out - How to fix

There are a few easy ways to fix this issue. 

  1. Quit the game and check the gamefiles for any missing or broken files. Once the check is done, it should automatically download the missing files or it removed the broken once's and fixes it with the new correct version. If this wont help, proceed with step 2.
  2. Disable your WIFI. Its not advised to play this game with WIFI. Use a cable instead. If this wont help, Please proceed with the next step. 
  3. Check your hardware for potential Hardware updates. Sometimes, hardware could cause failure's when playing games. A kernal error could popup for example, making it stressful as that error is something you really want to avoid. Make also sure that the hardware will do fine with the game.



InvalidAuthSession - Rust

InvalidAuthSession - Rust

Some Rust players are seeing the ‘Steam Auth Timeout‘ error after being kicked out of the game. While this can be frustrating, Here’s a shortlist of potential culprits that are confirmed to trigger the ‘Steam Auth Timeout‘ error:

InvalidAuthSession - How to fix


NotEnoughBytesException - Rust DLC - Instruments

NotEnoughBytesException - Rust DLC - Instruments

When you all the sudden disconnect with a super weird error you haven't seen before, it starts wondering what FacePunch might have screwed up again. Sadly, this time its actually on yourself to blame. But, there is nothing to be worried about as its a easy fix for this issue.

Sometimes, in the console when you disconnect, you might see this error or a similar error.

NotEnoughBytesException - Rust DLC - How to fix this issue? 

This is very simple. As you love to make music ingame with the music instruments, does one of your MIDI files being the cause of this. The error explains as follow. 

"The exception that is thrown when a MIDI file doesn't contain enough bytes to read a value."

To fix this, removing the corrupted MIDI file will resolve this issue. 



Integrity Error: Unknown file version - Rust Guide

It might happen time to time, a gamefile being corrupted during a update. While this can be a pain on resolving this, is it actually quite simple. With this guide, you are able to be back online and playing in notime! 

Integrity Error: Unknown file version (Bundles\textures\textures.1.bundle​

If your serverowner say that there is a missing texture or a unknown file was found, the only option is reinstalling the game. You could search for the specific file and delete it, but that takes more time and its not advised. 

Some users might say that reinstalling EAC would do the trick as well, this is however not the case. This error is related to the game itself and the only way to fix this is reinstalling the game.



Ingame Events

All ingame events their explanations and how-to guides for player and admin.

Ingame Events

Rust - The chinook event

The Chinook helicopter with hackable crate event is a physical Chinook entity that can be randomly flying in the game. While its a event that automatically is being triggered is there also a way to have them being spawned into the game with a simple command with or without the accompanying scientist on board. The Chinook 47 event is designed to run automatically on vanilla servers by default, in a similar fashion to the Patrol Helicopter and Supply Drop events. NOTE: This requires the “” variable to be set to true.

The hackable crate

The Chinook 47 event will be piloted and crewed by the mysterious blue hazmat suit-wearing scientist or better known as Cobalt NPC. It will fly around the map and eventually will visit a monument to drop its cargo. The Cargo, or well known as a "CodeLockedHackableCrate" will be dropped on the map. 

This Hackable Crate contains various high-tiered loot, meaning that PvP will be a fact when going for it as its a favorite crate for players that just joined the gamesession or for people who would love to have that bit of extra blood on their salvaged pickaxe. 

The wicked benefits of having a Chinook Event:

How to spawn the event?

Use the command below to spawn the Chinook event, with the scientist crew on board.

spawn ch47scientists.entity

On success the console will display:

spawned ch47scientists.entity[3426268362] at (111.0, 0.1, 124.9)
Ingame Events

Rust - Patrol helicopter Event

The Patrol helicopter is an active event on all Rust servers that is runned automatically on vanilla servers every 2 to 3 hours by the server itself. The patrol helicopter takes aproximate 2 full map runs before it goes back to base.

What does the Patrol Helicopter do?

The attack helicopter is controlled by the server’s AI and patrols the RUST game world. It patrols the game world and flies randomly from monument to monument. The patrol helicopter is looking to attack other players that are armed with weapons, advanced tools, or 3 or more pieces of clothing. On some modded servers, this could be different.

The patrol helicopter uses Bullets, rockets and napalm rockets to defend himself while you are have the ability to take it down. To make sure you start a fight with the patrol helicopter to stack up meds and a decent amount of ammo. 

How can i take it down fast?

It fully depends on how fast you would be able to take it down. Some players prefer a M249 while others remain with LR's. Explosive ammo is also suggested a few times, but the chance on getting a return of invest is lower then if done with normal usual bullets.

Why do we have this annoying humble bee flying around? 

This patrol helicopter event is introduced after reports of many doorcampers. Server admins are having the ability to spawn in a patrol helicopter in such cases to get the players back to their base while this event can also be used as a server event in commonly. 

Are there mods for this patrol helicopter? 

Yes, we do have a few wicked mods for the patrol helicopter. Mostly found on umod.

Cons and pros

Some things to keep in mind for all of the helicopter spawn commands:

Ingame Events

Seasonal event - Easter on rust

The RUST Easter Event is a week-long event where players can hunt for hidden colorful eggs. In addition to the event easter egg hunt minigame, a collection of items and skins will be released along them to celebrate easter all around the world!

Egg Hunt Event

The Server triggers the event mostly during the daytime on vanilla servers.

For modded servers, its depending if there is no nightskip plugin installed or anything else that could alter day/night time cycle. 

When the event has started, players will have 3 minutes to collect sparkling Easter eggs that will spawn in random locations throughout the game map. A leader board will appear at the top-right corner of the screen to show the egg hunt leaders. Once the 3-minute timer ticks to zero, all remaining eggs will disappear. 

Surprise Easter Eggs

Eggs that are collected by players during the egg hunt event can be combined and upgraded for Bronze Eggs. From there, 10 bronze eggs would be needed for 1 silver egg and for 1 golden egg, you already guessed it, its 10 yet again for a solid golden egg.