Money Making - Making Cannonballs

Cannonballs are ammunition used for the Dwarf multicannon and are a high value item that's commonly needed. In this guide, i'm explaining how you are able to make some good cash semi AFK.

Please keep in mind that this is a guide based on an average of profit, not an exact number can be given as prices on Grand exchange.

Smelting cannonballs is a very slow progress and it takes over 6 min to do a batch before you have to click again to make a new batch.

It is not recommended to bring ore to smelt into bars and then cannonballs, as the process would become far more click intensive and the time would be massive, Something you want to avoid if you want to make some money while also having something to keep an eye on. You could also just have the steel bars prepared and bring a full load of 27 with an ammo mould to make 108 (28 and 112 with an ammo mould in a tool belt) cannonballs. 

Several Good tips

  • If the Ghosts Ahoy quest has been completed, then the Port Phasmatys furnace is an ideal location to smelt cannonballs. It is recommended to wear an amulet of ghost speak for faster banking.
  • The furnace will smelt cannonballs at double the speed if the medium Morytania tasks are completed and the player is wearing the Morytania legs 2. This makes it the fastest location after earning the legs.
  • Make sure you have enough resources to start the process. It would be a shame if you would have to go back to the grand exchange time to time. We recommend to buy 10k Steel bars and add them to the artistan barbank. Once you are ready to make some money semi afk, just visit the artistan workshop.