From 0 to hero - P2P Rune crafting Guide

Once you vist this page, you will be here for one reason. Making money as a paid user on runescape. Besides all the free content and free tips and tricks depending on moneymaking, do for you a whole new world being opened. Making money as a paid user will go faster and its more enjoyable as you explorer a wider open playingfield. 

But, enough talking about the game. We are here for a moneymaking guide. But, before we start. Lets keep in mind that 1 single rule.

The methods in this guide may involve considerable risk, including (but not limited to): loss of money/items, unstable prices, and/or slow GE resale. Reason: Prices are very unstable and especially during DXP weekends, use this method with caution, it can results in millions of GP lost.


1. Ground Mud Runes

As ground mud runes are an ingredient in extreme magic potions, crafting mud runes can be incredibly profitable, if using the Magic Imbue spell to negate the need for expensive talismans

Inventory includes:

  • Astral runes equipped in a Large rune pouch
  • Water runes
  • Small pouch, 3 pure essence
  • Medium pouch, 6 pure essence
  • Large pouch, 9 pure essence
  • Giant pouch, 12 pure essence
  • Massive pouch, 18 pure essence
  • 21 pure essence
  • Abyssal titan, 20 pure essence
  • Full infinity ethereal outfit, 12 pure essence
  • Total 100 essence (a total of 101 can be stored but only 100 withdrawn in one go)

Start at the TzHaar Fight Cave bank via the TokKul-Zo and fill your inventory by filling the Massive pouch over the bank interface (may be aided by an external screen marker program) and then withdrawing the essence to fill the inventory and Beast of Burden. Next fill the remaining pouches from your inventory and Beast of Burden.

Bank presets and keybinds are required and greatly (!) reduce the time needed to around 4 seconds depending on your connection delay to the server (one should prefer a server with low ping here). Directly afterwards activate the Lumber Yard Teleport tablet and Surge south to the Earth altar, enter it, cast Magic Imbue, use water runes on the altar to craft your runes and teleport back using the TokKul-Zo. Repeat.

Do not try to refill your pouches if you have made a mistake as the time lost more than decompensates the essences won. Trip durations of less than 25 seconds are easily possible and used for calculations in this guide. The Combined Catalyst fragment and set effect of the Infinity ethereal outfit both reduce the degradation rate of pouches by 50% and stack resulting in all pouches (including Massive pouches) having quadruple capacity before degrading. Massive pouches are therefore required for this method.

  • Since the buy limit of pure essence and water runes can be reached in well under two hours they should stockpiled beforehand if one considers crafting mud runes over several hours.
  • It is also possible to use greater runic staff and charge it with Magic Imbue to store one more pure essence, thus crafting one more mud rune per trip.
  • If you have Teleport Tokens for your wicked hood, you can teleport to the Earth altar with your wicked hood. You will have a limited but generous number of these per day which can also increase output and profit if utilized.


2. Blood Runes


The numbers listed assumes using all 5 pouches, the Infinity ethereal outfit, and the Abyssal Titan, and running 92 trips per hour while using the powerburst of sorcercy every fourth trip (since it's not worth waiting 10 seconds for the powerburst to go off cooldown). It also assumes that the player is wearing the demonic skull for increased XP and magical thread.

Using the small through massive Runecrafting pouches, an Abyssal titan, the full Infinity ethereal outfit, and reserving one space for a Powerburst of sorcery, you can hold up to 102 essences per trip, resulting in a nice profit per trip (assuming 99 Runecrafting). Be sure to regularly repair the pouches as the giant pouch degrades after 12 uses or use the Pouch protector relic power.

The Mage of Zamorak is located in low-level Wilderness, near the source of the River Lum. This is a fairly safe area, but there might be player killers so it is advised not to take expensive items on the trips to the abyss. It is also a good idea to use a less-populated world. The suggested outfit is as follows (make sure enhanced Excalibur has the Mobile perk):

It is highly recommended to set up an action bar with the pouches and ethereal body on it so that they can be quickly filled. A typical trip would look like:

  • Load preset
  • Fill Giant, Large pouches by pressing their keybinds
  • Take from Abyssal titan (can be put on action bar)
  • Fill Medium, Small pouches and Infinity ethereal body by pressing their keybinds
  • Open bank, right-click fill Massive pouch
  • Load preset
  • Run to wilderness wall (surge when you can do so in a straight line to the wall)
  • Cross the wall
  • Spam surge when crossing the wall so your character surges as soon as they cross the wall
  • Bladed dive in a straight line deeper into the wilderness
  • Barge to a skeleton near the Zamorak mage
  • Click on Zamorak mage to teleport (you can configure teleport to be the left-click option by right-clicking him and selecting configure)
  • Run to the blood portal. Use bladed dive diagonally if it's off cooldown
  • Drink a powerburst of sorcery if off cooldown, then craft the runes
  • Teleport to Edgeville bank with the Slayer cape