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Money Making Guides - F2P

Money Making Guides - F2P

From 0 To hero - No need to buy on GE Guide

When it comes on making money on runescape, there are so many ways to make some quik few bucks, especially when you are a free to play user that recently joined the game. You will be set on a small tutorial, and once you get out of it, its up to you on what to do next on that adventure of yours.

While there are many ways to make money, does it for you going to be a bit harder then usually. But, dont be afraid, there are many ways for you to make some decent nice cash while skilling and questing in the world of runescape. 

But, before we start with something else first. A very big notice and something you should always keep in mind if you would buy everything straight from the Grand exchange.

Rule number 1

The methods in this guide may involve considerable risk, including (but not limited to): loss of money/items, unstable prices, and/or slow GE resale. Reason: Prices are very unstable and especially during DXP weekends, use this method with caution, it can results in millions of GP lost.


No need to buy - money making

There are many ways to make some decent cash on the way. A top 10 is listed here that doenst require buying from the Grand Exchange. 

  1. Buy feathers or kill chickens for their feathers. Feathers is been used in fishing, but also fletching for making arrows for example. Its been used in a lot of skilling and therefore, its good to buy them at fishing stores and sell them at the Grand exchange for a thick profit.
  2. While skilling and killing cows to level up, collect their cow hide and tan them over to transform them into leather. It might cost you a bit of cash during the tanning, but its worth it. 10k of cowhides could result in at least a whopping 5M or even more if done correctly. 
  3. If you would go for some mining sessions, mine the resources for bronze bars. They sell already for a whopping 900 EA at least, keep in mind. The prices on the GE may differ then the prices we state here, but its a "raw approximately" on how much each would be worth. 
  4. Go nuts on Archgeology. The new skill from Runescape provides you to find items and doing some levels until your level 10. After that, you have to become a member. But, those 10 levels will provide just enough for some decent resources income. 
  5. Selling evergy from divination. Once collected and dumped into the hole where it should be going, you can choose to use the collected energy for some extra XP, however. to make max money from this skill, its suggested to place that to convert to energy. It does provide a lot less XP, but it does give you extra energy. 
  6. Woodcutting is one of the free skills, and can be very useful when you would go hunt for maple logs. However, as you dont have the ability to cut those, my suggestion to make decent money with woodcutting is to skill it and bank every single log you make from it. After that, make all normal logs into arrow shafts and sell them on the GE. For other resources like willow logs or oak logs, they can be used for firemaking or for fletching for example. They do sell pretty well on the GE as well.
  7. Wolf bones are used in summoning and are also a good moneymaking worth. You do however have to be a decent level as some wolves will be aggressive. You can find them on the snow peak mountain.
  8. ( you need lvl 50 mining for this, but this is easy to get. ) Runite ore can be somewhat profitable to mine since it is used to make rune equipment and elder rune bars. There's a few places you can mine runite ore but one of the best is in the Dwarven mines right beneath Falador. It's recommended to bring a rune ore box as this will make the bank trips fewer. It takes 40 seconds to run and bank the ore and the run back to start mining. You can either bank at the Falador bank located in the center of Falador or you can go down the mysterious entrance by the luminite rocks and deposit your items there. Both takes about the same time. 
  9. oak shield bows - It takes around 18 seconds to turn an inventory of 14 oak shield bows (u) and 14 bowstrings to 14 oak shieldbows (with banking). This makes it possible to stringing 2,800 bows an hour. Farm yourself the needed flaxes to make the bowstrings for the ultimate profit.
  10. Sapphire rings are made by combining a gold bar and a sapphire. It is highly recommended you make a bank preset with 14 sapphires and 14 gold bars, and set this as a quick preset.

    The process is fairly click intensive, and very tedious. You'll need a furnace to craft the sapphire rings, this can be done at the Lumbridge furnace, across the street from the Lumbridge Market bank chest. The time taken is about 39 seconds for 14 rings. This brings the number made per hour to 1,292 (92.3 trips average),

Money Making Guides - P2P

The from 0 to hero pay 2 play guides based on moneymaking.

Money Making Guides - P2P

From 0 to hero - P2P Rune crafting Guide

Once you vist this page, you will be here for one reason. Making money as a paid user on runescape. Besides all the free content and free tips and tricks depending on moneymaking, do for you a whole new world being opened. Making money as a paid user will go faster and its more enjoyable as you explorer a wider open playingfield. 

But, enough talking about the game. We are here for a moneymaking guide. But, before we start. Lets keep in mind that 1 single rule.

The methods in this guide may involve considerable risk, including (but not limited to): loss of money/items, unstable prices, and/or slow GE resale. Reason: Prices are very unstable and especially during DXP weekends, use this method with caution, it can results in millions of GP lost.


1. Ground Mud Runes

As ground mud runes are an ingredient in extreme magic potions, crafting mud runes can be incredibly profitable, if using the Magic Imbue spell to negate the need for expensive talismans

Inventory includes:

Start at the TzHaar Fight Cave bank via the TokKul-Zo and fill your inventory by filling the Massive pouch over the bank interface (may be aided by an external screen marker program) and then withdrawing the essence to fill the inventory and Beast of Burden. Next fill the remaining pouches from your inventory and Beast of Burden.

Bank presets and keybinds are required and greatly (!) reduce the time needed to around 4 seconds depending on your connection delay to the server (one should prefer a server with low ping here). Directly afterwards activate the Lumber Yard Teleport tablet and Surge south to the Earth altar, enter it, cast Magic Imbue, use water runes on the altar to craft your runes and teleport back using the TokKul-Zo. Repeat.

Do not try to refill your pouches if you have made a mistake as the time lost more than decompensates the essences won. Trip durations of less than 25 seconds are easily possible and used for calculations in this guide. The Combined Catalyst fragment and set effect of the Infinity ethereal outfit both reduce the degradation rate of pouches by 50% and stack resulting in all pouches (including Massive pouches) having quadruple capacity before degrading. Massive pouches are therefore required for this method.


2. Blood Runes


The numbers listed assumes using all 5 pouches, the Infinity ethereal outfit, and the Abyssal Titan, and running 92 trips per hour while using the powerburst of sorcercy every fourth trip (since it's not worth waiting 10 seconds for the powerburst to go off cooldown). It also assumes that the player is wearing the demonic skull for increased XP and magical thread.

Using the small through massive Runecrafting pouches, an Abyssal titan, the full Infinity ethereal outfit, and reserving one space for a Powerburst of sorcery, you can hold up to 102 essences per trip, resulting in a nice profit per trip (assuming 99 Runecrafting). Be sure to regularly repair the pouches as the giant pouch degrades after 12 uses or use the Pouch protector relic power.

The Mage of Zamorak is located in low-level Wilderness, near the source of the River Lum. This is a fairly safe area, but there might be player killers so it is advised not to take expensive items on the trips to the abyss. It is also a good idea to use a less-populated world. The suggested outfit is as follows (make sure enhanced Excalibur has the Mobile perk):

It is highly recommended to set up an action bar with the pouches and ethereal body on it so that they can be quickly filled. A typical trip would look like:

Money Making Guides - P2P

Money Making - Making Cannonballs

Cannonballs are ammunition used for the Dwarf multicannon and are a high value item that's commonly needed. In this guide, i'm explaining how you are able to make some good cash semi AFK.

Please keep in mind that this is a guide based on an average of profit, not an exact number can be given as prices on Grand exchange.

Smelting cannonballs is a very slow progress and it takes over 6 min to do a batch before you have to click again to make a new batch.

It is not recommended to bring ore to smelt into bars and then cannonballs, as the process would become far more click intensive and the time would be massive, Something you want to avoid if you want to make some money while also having something to keep an eye on. You could also just have the steel bars prepared and bring a full load of 27 with an ammo mould to make 108 (28 and 112 with an ammo mould in a tool belt) cannonballs. 

Several Good tips