The beginning - NOTD player first time

While you spawned in the game, you end up in the middle of nowhere. Its time to survive! This guide explains on how fast you can be able to setup your first small base and first traps without losing any progress.

NOTE: While the goal is to obtain books, clues, and certain radio parts to win the game, do these guides not include its progress. For book locations and radio parts, please check out the book guide.

The beginning - NOTD player first time

  • First of all, when you wake up. You have a knife. Lets make use of that by chopping some branches. Dont be scared of going into nature a bit, but watch out for those bears and wolves. Stay away from those. 
  • Make sure you farm enough materials. logs, iron stones, small stones, branches, piece of cloth and research paper.
  • If you want to work on your base first for the first 2 waves, make sure you stay as close as possible to your base. This way, you can keep walking back and lure zombies into your traps.
  • Follow the tutorial guide, even if you know what to do. Who doenst like free REEsources after completion.
  • Dont use weapons that fires bullets as ammo. Use a crossbow or a crafted bow. Those are more effective in the end then with guns as guns should be considered as "heavy" weaponry when it comes on big zombies that wont go down that easily. Trust me, you need that ammo for later on.
  • Farm small houses nearby the roads, but take zombies one by one if possible. Its a slow progress, but to play it safe, you gotta know the game. 


Big monuments - NOTD player first time

  • Big monuments have big resources and big loot to be found, but there will be also a lot of zombies to be taken down. Make sure you stack up enough food and ammo if needed. Some monuments can take a pretty long time to fully farm it.
  • Once zombies are taken down from a monument, no new zombies will spawn. Only sometimes time to time, a small amount might reappear, but it doenst mean that loot can always be respawned.
  • You will always have a few big zombies walking around that are willing to chop you in pieces and eat your brains for celebration. Be aware of the unknown and surroundings.
  • Visit monuments at day, avoid them at night. Before you know it, it could end up ugly.