Server setup - Windows

How to setup your server if you are renting this from frragnet or any other hosting.

The Dedicated server hosting setup

Setting up the game on your hosting can be done in a few simple steps. Please, follow these steps in order to get the server up and running.
  1. Install the game as instructed on your game hosting installation page. 
  2. After you installed the game server files, validate it to make sure you have the lastest version of the game on your dedicated hosting, Once done, please proceed as following next step.
  3. When you have installed the game server files on your game hosting provider. You will find a few folders and files. One of these files is called "ServerSettings.ini", open it and edit it to your wishes. note: Follow the information given in "ServerSettings.ini", if you go over a certain setting or made a typo, your server will not run.
  4. After you have done editing it, go towards \LF\Saved\SaveGames and paste the file there.
  5. Boot up the server and check the console section. Make sure that you keep an eye on it until it shows that your settings are applied to the game.
  6. No step 6, enjoy the game.

How to join your game server? 

There are 4 ways to join your game server

  1. You can find servers in Multiplayer->Dedicated->Join Game.
  2. You can find servers in Steam->View->Servers
  3. You can join the game server by IP
  4. You can join the game server by custom sub domain. ( some hosting support a subdomain system to let your users join the game server without exposing the IP address, giving it a easier way to invite players to your game server )