How to join a steam/game server

We all have that one problem sometimes. We cannot find back the gameserver that you have last played on. While it can be a struggle to find back the servername in the serverbrowser, are there a few wicked tips and tricks that you can keep in mind next time you forget a gameserver its name or IP address.

Steam server list

The steam server list can be found on the left top corner of your menu from the steamclient. This is the second tab in the menu called screen. Scroll down, and you will find a topic called servers. 

Once clicked on the servers button, a new window will pop up. From here, you can see what servers you have been joining in the past, what servers your friends are playing on and servers that you have listed as fav. 

From there, you can also add servers to your list. When you want to add one of our servers to this list for you to give it easy access, you only have to add the IP address and port and you are settled.

Join trough browser/embedded information from a discord bot.

Sometimes, a IP is shown on discord, but you cannot join it for some magically weird reason. Sometimes, steam just like to play tricks on us. In this case, just copy the IP address, place it as described above and yoink it in the steam serverlist.

Direct Connect Command

By far the quickest and easiest method, you can connect to your server directly by issuing a command in the in-game Console.

To open the Console on the online game sensation rust for example, press the F1 key from the Rust Main Menu. A text bar will appear near the bottom of the screen where you will issue the command: client.connect IP:Port. It will look something like this: client.connect

Quik few tips

  • 1. Make the server your favorite. This way, you can always find it back trough the favorited list section.
  • 2. Search for a gameserver with certain keynames. Most community servers have their community name in it for example.