Server owner - Banning a user

For banning a user, there are several ways to do this. The normal way, with the right mouse button on the user and hitting the ban option in the menu. However, plugins may also ban users for you. For example, with mee6 or dyno, you have the abilty to ban a user with a certain command. 

In some occasions, server owners only want to see their staff of who is banned and who is not banned or who has a warning? This also means that if you need to use a command, that searching for his name is not possible as it doenst show in the search results. This is because the user has no rights to look into this channel, so they also not be found in the auto search to auto complete a username on discord. 

So, how to ban a user if you cant use his name or you are being blocked somehow and in the need of someone to get rid quikly. Simple. By using the user its DiscordID.

With mostly every warning or message mee6 or dyno poops out, the user their DiscordID is shown there as well. Copy that ID and use it to ban the user.

Not having much discord bots but still want to see people with DiscordID's? just to be sure that you can ban someone when the time is right, apply the development mode on discord. This allows you simple by right-clicking on the username and scrolling all the way down. As you might notice, you will see a "copy id" option standing there. 

Do please note the following information:

Banning a user doenst mean it wont come back, due to a massive lack of protection towards serverowners from discord, is it easy to make a new account and rejoin afterwards to fuck around. In case this happened, you should not ban the user, but mute him. After that, visit the support helpdesk and apply a report about this user.

if you ban the user, his messages will be auto deleted. You need proof that he is a dickhead in your community. Without this proof, they cant do much. While its pretty retard to do it this way, is it sadly for now the only way to get rid of a user forgood if it keeps making new accounts and trolling on your server.