Raiding - Deadside

How to raid a base on deadside?

Keep getting killed by a specific player all the time? Well, today its your chance to fight back! This guide will explain what you have to do in order to raid someone else his base on deadside. Luckely, its not the usual way most people know, for example this is not a raid system like rust has, but more something with a twist.

When a player dies by another player in a PvP battle, there is a slightly chance that the victim has dropped a dogtag item. Any player can collect the dog tag from the body. Do keep in mind, there is only a limited amount of time for that dogtag to be picked up.

When you pick up the dogtag from the owner its inventory, the owner of that dogtag will receive notifications about the loss of it. a white timer will appear on the screen showing how long the dogtag can be used. During this time the owner can try to retrieve it and any other player can try to obtain it for himself and activate it.

The player, who used the dog tag (an activation happens from the inventory), receives the approximate location of the base, and after that the timer starts, during this period the base is vulnerable and its certain elements can be destroyed, and the content of the storage becomes available for all players.

You don’t receive the exact location of the base, so the only thing you have is marked area on the map which you can use to find the base. After someone activates the dog tag player who has lost it will receive a notification informing him that the location of his base has become known to the other players and it is now vulnerable for an attack, and the duration timer will change it color from white to red.

So, let’s say you’ve started the timer. What are you to do next? Can you politely knock on the door with an axe or maybe take a different approach and pick an electronic lock, using your hacker skills? Well, no. A base can simply have no doors. A total destruction is our choice. It is always more fun to blow everything up, so the building will be vulnerable to explosives, which we’re going to talk more about below.

But remember, if you attack someone’s base you can lose your dog tag and then you will face a choice whether you keep attacking or defend your base.

A radio-controlled improvised explosive device is an item that can be crafted and is designed to destroy player’s structures (during a raid). It possesses more destructive power than grenades and can also be used to annihilate enemy manpower. It can be activated by a special detonator, shot or with a detonation of another explosive, placed nearby.

Pay attention that it is the only way to destroy structures at the base! Each explosive device will only damage the element on which it is installed.!!

Explosive will not be lying around everywhere and it will be possible to craft it only from the special, pretty rare components, which you will need to obtain in the various game activities.!!

Base management

We’re introducing a new system – the registration of player at the base, which will allow a group of players to use the same base, regardless of the presence of the owner. Only an owner of the base can register another player at the base and only if this player stays on the territory of the base. You can’t be registered at someone’s base if you already own one, though. But if you can register someone at your base, then you should be able to delete him either, right? And, of course, you can do that too, but deleting this unwanted member will be possible only after a certain amount of time expired since his registration.

What does registration give you?

  • - The ability to build base together
    Now any registered member of your band can be engaged in the construction of a base on an equal basis with an owner. Only the owner of the base can delete it, though.
  • - The ability to respawn at one of the modules. But you need to pay for a respawn and it will cost much more points of reputation than respawning at any other place of the map.
  • - The ability to use storages for loot Only the owner of the base or the registered users can use these storages during normal mode, when base is not being raided. This feature should automatically remove the possibility to steal loot from bases by using various exploits.
  • - The ability to open doors with a combination lock without dialing a code
  • - The ability to use special base modules, the first of which will appear in this update