Missions - Deadside

When it comes to Deadside its missions, there is at this moment only one kind of mission during this beta release. Once there is more information and new missions, we will be adding these towards the list in order for you to see what you have to do during your mission session. As always, keep an eye out for AI as well for actually online players, missions is a function in the game that you can do along with others, to create the ultimate battle, and to reap the rewards of course!

Based on mission tiers, the amount of cash and rewards are huge and high risk will come across when you would be gunned down. Going back there could be fast, but with an active server that’s full all the time, it surely won’t be an easy task.


The rewards are depending on each class and how much of AI you have killed. Playing as a team makes the rewards even better then if you would be playing alone. Keep in mind to always be in a squad, this way you can see who is from your squad before you shoot any friendly hostiles by accident.

The rewards itself variates between 25k and 75k depending on what items you get in the crate. The highest we had was a whopping 50K worth of items. The items you find in these crates are perfect for your collection in your base, as long you would be able to fetch it on time and place it in your base on time. Other players, cannibals, and military squads will visit soon once the event is over.


The objective is mostly related to killing all AI, but in the future, more missions will be added in order to bring some mixed missions that everyone would like to do as it also provides some nifty extra touch on what to do during a mission.