DLC missing - Deadside Guide

Several people that love the game has also bought the supporter pack of Deadside. While the DLC should be automatically downloaded and added to your game, is this sometimes not the case with steam. This is because you are actively running another game or because you disabled automatically downloads. 

To apply your bought DLC, its very simple to do this in a few easy steps. 

Step 1 - The DLC

When you bought the dlc, you should be able to find this back on the right side of your steam client screen. Click on Manage my DLC.


Step 2 - The download process

Check the checkbox on the DLC to be added and close down the screen. The download will be started and you will be able to enjoy your downloaded DLC. Keep in mind, its smart to wait before the download is complete or that you close down the game first in order to apply the DLC towards your game. 


Step 3 - There is no step 3

Great right? in just 2 simple steps, you can enjoy your wicked bought DLC.