Common Questions & Errors - Deadside

Q: When is the next update?

A: The updates are not on a set schedule we get them when they are ready, when one is ready the developers will let us know.

Q: What are you doing about the hit reg issues?

A: The team are aware of the problem with Hit-Reg and are constantly looking at ways to improve it. However there is no quick fix it will involve many small tweaks and extensive testing to figure out the root cause and ultimately fix the problem.

Q: How do I report a cheater?

A: If you are on a private server contact the admin of that server with evidence of the cheater, if you are on official server you can send report directly to EAC. You may also report to any CM online but preferably Lucas or Supernova, if you have sufficient video evidence.

Q: Do bases despawn over time?

A: Currently after 7 days the base and storage will despawn, login once a week to stop this from happening, this may change in the future

Q: Why can't I access the test server? It says 'incompatible version'

A: This is because there is nothing to test right now, when we have new content over there an announcement will be made.

Q: How can I switch between the main scope & red dot on the HMR?

A: You cannot switch sights on the HMR at this stage. The option to switch between the two sights will be added with future updates

Q: Game Security Violation Detected - HELP!

A: This might because there is a 3th party program active that should not be running. In some cases, this is a false trigger and fixing your gamefiles trough the steam platform is mostly the solution. However, in some other cases, this could be related to windows itself. Check EAC support and contact them in case this would happen more often. Another solution would be the reinstallment of Easy Anti Cheat itself, but 99% its the gamefiles that are corrupted.

Known issues ( fixed dev blog Sept. 2020 at EAC ) If you play games under EAC you have to disable all your RGB control systems in your desktop computer. It detects lightning service, LED keeper, and mystic light as illegal 3th party programs.