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Questions to Devs - FAQ

Questions to devs - FAQ


First of all, the world of the game is quite large which gives you freedom to travel. The game territory is a square of 15x15 km (225 It is hard to imagine this kind of territory without being able to use some means of transportation.


We are planning to introduce land and water-borne transport such as cars, inflatable boats, speed boats. The world map is set up to have multiple rivers and lakes cutting through the mainland. The mainland itself is bounded by the sea on two sides, there are inhabitable island both large and small.


You can not survive without producing essentials and food.


Among endless vast wastelands a wanderer will find places where they can buy bullets, food and chit-chat to the damned victims about life, the universe and everything. Maybe swap a story or two about hunting cannibals. Also, there are private lockers for players in Green Zones where they can keep a limited number of things they use for surviving. Green Zones will be places of trade and communication between players and friendly NPC traders.


It's a big world and in order to avoid getting lost and to keep busy, players can use the map to see where in the world armed bandits are raiding, areas being cleared by security forces remain loyal to the ex-government or cannibals settling in abandoned villages. Anyone can take part in mass combat. It will not be an event with a limited number of players, anyone who wishes can go to the mission sector and affect the outcome of the battle. Battles with participation of NPC and players can continue for hours but the reward will go to the one who can seize the prize loot after the hostile NPC are killed and the opponents represented by real life players are neutralized.(edited)



In the course of our game development we are planning to create a system of shelters which players will be able to build on their own using a well developed craft system. It is, however, a subject for later discussion. We also want to offer players the chance to make small stashes in almost any place of the world to keep a few handy things at the ready. The number of such stashes for one player will be limited.

Most Asked Questions

Q: Who developed the game?

A: The game is developed by the russian independent studio Bad Pixel. Without a publisher.

Q: What kind of a platform are you building it on?

A: It is made using Unreal Engine 4 Technology.

Q: Are you planning to release the game on PS4 or Xbox?

A: Possible. It's too early to tell.

Q: Will there be a purchase of additional content?

A: Yes, players will be able to buy some account extensions and decorative items that do not directly affect the balance of the main gameplay.

Q: On what platforms is the game planned to be released?

A: The game is currently only available on Steam. We also plan to release it in the Epic Games Store.

Q: Will there be a version of the game for Mac OS

A: Unfortunately no, it won't.

Q: Will there be a single game?

A: No, it will not, because it will require additional effort to develop, and the exhaust from this will be almost as in the game of this genre, most players are used to playing on the network. But you can always rent your personal server, put a password on it and play alone or with your friends.

Q: How many players does one server support?

A: So far we are planning to support up to 50 players per server. If our software and server computing power allow us, we will try to increase this number to 70-80 people.


Q: Such a vast world and so few people on a server?

A: Well, first of all, we feel that when you have points of interest on a map (such as missions, Green Zones, etc) players can meet up at those points and there should be no problem looking for an opponent. Second, the world of our game is not a desert where there are only players. The game is a living organism or something like that. At least that's what we are aiming for. Which means when you travel from point to point you will meet hostile NPC which you can fight and get rewards once you loot the bodies. Finally, in the early access not all of the territory will be available right away because to fill up this space we need time. The players won't be scattered all over the place.

Q: Will there be zombies, anomalies and radiation in the game?

A: We are trying to create a unique product without resorting to such old and tired cliches of the genre. We can say that there will be no zombies and anomalies because we would like our players to really feel what is happening but at the same time we can not fully recreate reality while making a game, it would be too difficult for our players. We want to have a nice balance and make a world realistic enough and easy enough to understand. -

Q: What does “survival” really mean in this game?

A: Most of the players are used to seeing survival in such “survival games” as the need for a character to find food and water. And yes, in Deadside you need to keep your thirst and hunger no lower than a certain minimum for your character to function well but the game is not just about constantly having to find food. There is a lot more to it! That is why we focus on a hardcore Shooter with survival elements. Ideally, the focus of the game play will be aimed towards shoot-outs, ambushes, chases and crafts and not constantly hunting for food.

Q: What about clans/parties?

A: Yes, the party system is already available in game. Clan system is planned.

Q: Such a huge world suggests a navigation system. Do you have one? Will the map of the world be available to players?

A: We want our players to be able to use the map immediately and navigate the world right after they have created the character. It doesn't matter if you are in the game for the first time or you have resurrected after you died, you have a chance to understand where to go and what to do because your legend will be visible on the map. But most importantly, we want players who are in a party to be able to see each other to speed up the process of reuniting of two lonely hearts. We find that this is exactly what is missing in most of the navigational systems of survival games these days.

 Q: What do you mean by “hardcore” and how is it addressed in Deadside?

A: Mostly the hardcoreness of the game is about the character's damage system. We are planning to do the damage from firearms and bladed weapons quite significant. It means that your character can die from a bullet to his head or 1 or 3 shots to his body (depending on the weapon used for causing damage and the armor if there is any), 3-5 hits on limbs, and 2-3 hits with bladed weapons (again, depending on where exactly it hits you). So, every fight in the game will be not just another reason to have a nice shoot out but also a serious concern for your health. The character's parameters will be affecting the gameplay. Being tired, your pose, all of that will be affecting the accuracy of fire. Critical health will also count not only visually but also your accuracy of aim. Apart from that, the way firearms function when you fire them will add some hardcore to the game. The recoils will be quite significant and when firing machine guns the barrel will go up quite a bit. Naturally, such parameters as dispersion and the kick will vary for different firearms. We have already finished working on a realistic ballistics system that also allows penetration of thin walled hiding places (sheet metal, shingles) and that will add to the hardcoreness of the game play. We will demonstrate this in one of the blogs.(edited)

Q: Is it going to be in third person mode?|

A: At the moment you have a choice of third or first person and you can switch between the modes. We also already have first and third person servers, those ones who prefer to play from the third person and ones who enjoy playing from the first person. Which means on a server where you can only play in first person mode you can not switch your camera to third person and vice versa. Standard Deadside server means that a player can change the camera view at anytime.

Q: How will the shooting be implemented in the game?

A: The realistic ballistic physics has already been created. For example, there is a system created for shot guns where you can see multiple shots coming out of the barrel and each flying in their own trajectory. Upon contact with softer materials which a bullet can penetrate in real life, the bullet will diverge from its course and lose its kill potential. It means that when going through a thin wooden wall of a shed you can cause damage to a character behind his wall. At the same time, when going through a tree the bullet will be moving on another angle losing most of its energy which as a result will affect the damage you might have caused otherwise if you hit a character behind an obstacle. In each case, whether a bullet penetrates something or not, striking energy decrease depends on the thickness of the material hit by it and of course from its muzzle velocity. Honest ballistic also implies being able to choose adjusting range correction when using scopes.

Q: How is weapon improving system being achieved?

A: Right now the weapon improving system is a set of a number of slots each corresponding to a certain type of options you can attach to your weapon. You can use a silencer on your weapon, handles/bipod, flashlight/laser pointer, scope or collimating (red dot) sight. Of course, some slots won't be available on certain weapon models.(edited)

Q: Can you customize your character?

A: At the beginning of the game you will be able to choose a face for your character and race. So far, for each race we plan to have 1 or 2 ready-to-go samples which you can't choose during the game. You won't be able to change details like the width of the cheek bones, thickness of a nose and so on. Maybe around the release time we will make it possible. Also, you might be able to choose a hair style and tattoos.(edited)

Q: How does the game play look like? Is it like RUST, DayZ or PUBG?

A: You could compare Deadside to Far Cry, RUST or Exile mode in ARMA 3. The main features of the game play are intense battles between players, as well as between players and NPC, different missions, crafts of useful items and building bases/shelters. What you definitely won't find here is wandering all over the map trying to locate a rusty gun and two bullets, crafting an “iron-man” suit from pots, pans and garbage cans. But most importantly we want to have a game play that doesn't make our player think “what am I even doing here?”

Q: How do you implement loading the clip? Will there be a function of putting bullets in the clip?

A: Reloading the gun doesn't imply reloading the clips. Your weapon will be recharged if you have bullets in your Inventory that fit your current weapon. However, in slots of weapon modification you can change the clip type, for example use a clip of larger capacity.

Q: Will there be realistic jumps, obstacle courses?

A: Apart from the classic jumps we plan to have a system of climbing over more or less high obstacles like fences.

Q: Will you be implementing blood pressure, cold temperatures, frost bite, will injuries be visualized?

A: Visualizing injuries from firearms will be implemented in a classic way by showing blood where a bullet hit you. It is possible that all the other injuries will be visualized on your character as well. As for blood pressure (arterial, intraocular tension, intracranial pressure), cold temperatures, frost bite, no, we don't have plans to implement them. We want our player to be focused on a dynamic game play and not following a bunch of parameters that often will just distract you from the game instead of enjoying it..(edited)

Q: How do you implement bases/shelters if you have any? Do you plan to have any tents?

A: We see bases as a some sort of outposts which is a low-rise building or a group of fenced in buildings. We don't want our player to be building wooden sky-scrapers which will just ruin the atmosphere of the game. We hope to have two types of stashes: random ones generated by a server at any point in the world and stashes made by players which you can try to rob. In one of our development blogs we will tell more about breaking into stashes. Tents will be solely for masking and atmospheric function. You can put your stash into a tent to make it harder to find it if your tent is of a cammo color or has a camouflage net, or hide your transport if your tent is big enough.

Q: How well is the ballistics of sniper rifles implemented?

A: Any firearms ballistics will be implemented as realistically as possible. However, we reserve the right to change the dispersion of fragments, horizontality of trajectory and muzzle velocity for every weapon to benefit the balance and not realism based on the performance of real weapons.

Q: Are you going to implement the physical interaction with the environment and vegetation?

A: Just like in any other modern shooter, the characters will be interacting with the environment. Falling from heights, being hit by a car and other things will be causing damage to your character and the damage will depend on how hard you are hit. Grass in the game just like trees, reacts to a “global wind” which changes its direction and strength. Apart from that, in the future we plan to implement such features as flattening the grass by the character who is laying in it, swaying of the grass when your character is running through it.


Q: Do you plan to develop your character?

A: No, we do not. We think it is unnecessary in games of this genre. It will only increase the difference between the experienced characters and newbies, which we do not want. A player should only rely on their own skills when playing the game.


Fourth part. Q: How is the map implemented in the game??

A: The game has one global map with main events and places marked on it, the player will be able to visit them/explore/go on a mission. For example “Green Zones”, group mission, helicrashes and other mini-quests. You will also be able to see on the map in real time all your allies (party members). We don't plan to have a mini map that is always on the screen.

Q: Are there going to be skins in the game, something like PUBG skins?

A: Our gameplay is not session - like and we don't think we will make loot boxes with unique clothing. You might be able to customize clothes and weapons by dying it with certain items which you can craft yourself or buy from NPC traders. In any case, whichever way you choose to get this modified item, it can be passed from one player to another after one's death or just by exchanging items in the game.

Q: Will there be an option of donating and how will it affect the gameplay?

A: Donation system implies buying decorative modifications for game items (dye, slight modification of item's skin), maybe buying decorative items for interior design of bases and possibly buying usual game items which you can find in the game world using Steam platform. We will only be able to say which donations will be implemented closer to the early access release. We don't plan any “golden” guns or donated armor.

Q: What about AI? How advanced it is?

A: Ideally, we would like AI to be different from mobs. For example, some mobs could be careful and likely to escape the battle field or would be fighting to the end and be aggressive toward their enemy, some mobs could be acting from a distance (like some NPC snipers) and could be hiding from players. Time will tell how well we can do this but we will be doing our best and have NPC, people and animals behave in as many different ways as possible.

Regarding higher levels of AI, what we would like to achieve is the feel of a real world where things just happen regardless of the player. Be that armed patrols on the roads or accidental meetings generated right by the player or a global NPC mission where cannibals are heading to rob the nearest village. All these activities should make the game more interesting compared to 2 hours wandering around the map trying to find a rusty gun.

Q: Will there be a friendly NPC?

A: For now the friendly NPC are the traders in Green Zones and maybe traders who have a variety of rare goods wandering the map. Besides that, some NPC will be neutral toward the player by default (like village dwellers).

Q: Will players be able to make their own custom servers?

A: Yes, You can order your personal server using G-Portal.

Q: Will there be group raids of NPC bases in the game?

A: We could create something like that as a part of missions. Once we implement the option of raiding bases by players, it will be easy to implement NPC base raids by players.

Q: Is the character tied to a server (that is, each server has its own progress, its own inventory)?

A: Yes, the character is tied to the server, you can’t move the same character through different characters. One server - one character.

Q: Will there be different game modes? Like “Death Match” or “Battle Royale”?

A: No, it will not. At least it is not being planned now.

Q: Will the traps be in the game?

A: Yes, this is a separate topic and we plan to develop it quite strongly. Traps, in particular, should be used by players to guard their hideouts or set up ambushes on roads or some key points on the map. So just you should be careful while running and watch your steps! (Note) In addition to numerous items that will work as traps we also plan to implement various devices that can be either purchased (and will be much expensive) from merchants, or found among the prize loot on missions. These items will primarily include exotic spy and counter-spy things For example: a quadcopter with a surveillance camera, a motion scanner, a radio jammer (cuts down a quadcopter or a motion scanner in the vicinity) and other tactical things that will bring much more fun into PvP battles. By the way, the rarity of such items and their price will be such that it will be inappropriate to take them with you every time. These things will be designed for combat operations in well coordinated teams.

Q: Is it possible to take a NPC partner with me?

A: This is an interesting feature, but rather difficult to implement. We have not thought about it yet and this is not in our plans at least for now.

Q: Will there be any rank system that gives certain privileges to players in the clans?

A: The answer depends on what privileges you mean. If we are talking about the access of certain members of the clan to specific boxes with some valuable loot on the clan base, then yes, it will definitely be implemented. But it is difficult to say now that the rank system will be implemented or not, and, if yes, how it will work.

Q: Will there be a leveling system? You sayed that the player level can give some privileges like access to the event (for example), or simply divide the players by the time spent on the server / in the game.

A: We want to make our game free from any kind of leveling that affects the gameplay, so the game will not become a grind simulator. A player who has just entered the game should have the same opportunities as a player who have been playng the game for more than a month. Getting achievements and showing their progress - yes, such a system is likely to be implemented, but it will not affect the character's gameplay capabilities. It may be some system for displaying completed achievements in some information window, which will make possible to understand how much time a particular player spends in the game.

Q: Do you plan to implement some NPC fractions in the game?

A: As for hostile NPCs, yes, they will be divided according to their background, lifestyle, appearance, and weaponry. But we cannot say that there will be factions like in other games. We do not plan to allow joining to NPC bandits or cannibals and perform actions on their behalf. It will require to implement advanced quest system, reputation system an so on. As we sayed above, there will be no character development, fraction privileges etc. Simply, some NPCs will have unique clothes allowing players to roleplay a cannibal, for example.


Q: Will it be possible to customize weapons, characters, clothes with inscriptions, tattoos, camouflage, badges or flags?

A: Yes, we thought about these possibilities. Most likely, weapon painting will be implemented. Most likely, the ability to display player's clan badges and flags on clothes and vehicles will also be implemented. Tattoos are an interesting thing, but we are not sure that such type of character customization will be useful because almost all the time character will be dressed. In any case, the customizing features will be introduced gradually, closer to the release of the game, so you should not expect that features will be released during the early access stage.

Q: Will there be some sort of territory ownership and clan wars for territories?

A: Claiming of the territory will be implemented by the base building rules - one of the requirements will be the absence of the other bases within a radius, say, of 500 meters. This means that, in some cases, in order to build your base at the good place, it will be necessary to demolish the enemy's base, which is interfering with the construction. Some kind of fight for the territory that affects the "political map" is not planned to implement. You will simply know that somewhere there is the base of some bad guys, and you should not hanging around it if you are not willing to get in trouble, or vice versa. We consider it is unnecessary to make a complicated territory ownership system which will somehow affect the gaming capabilities of the other players who are not involved in the territorial disputes. But in the future, it is possible that a separate game mode focused at territorial wars will be implemented. This game mode will run on the separate servers.

Q: Will it be possible to take a prone position?

A: Yes, it will. Also, in the future we plan to implement "rolls" (left, right).

Q: Will there be some of the less common types of weapons such as MPT-76, BORZ SMG and others in the game?

A: Maybe. But if yes, it will be implemented closer to the release of the game. We still want to pay attention to the weapons that has already become a classic of FPS games.

Q: Will it be possible to add details such as clan emblem or coloring on clan transport?

A: We are planning add a possibility to feature the clan emblem on clothes or a vehicles, but it will be not implemented at the early access stage.

Q: Will there be classes in the game? For example, a sniper - a fighter in a light body armor, a spec-ops camouflage, armed with a sniper rifle with a silencer?

A: No, there will be no classes at all. Your character will be able to wear any clothes and weapons. You want to play the sniper - get dressed like a sniper, take a sniper rifle, hang a silencer on it - and go! Of course, if you have already found all necessary items or bought them.

Q: Will it be possible to restrict the gaming capabilities of another character, for example, tie his hands or put handcuffs on him?

A: It will depend on how it will affect the gameplay and how easy will be to break this mechanics. For ex., imagine that some player whose character was captured will simply leave game, and his character will die from hunger. As you can see, such things can bring quite a lot of negativity into the game, given that the character in the game can go without food for a very long time. We will think about implementing it but not in the near future.

Q: Bows or crossbows?

A: Crossbows with optics - maybe. Bows - most likely no.

Q: Will there be objects and / or ways to draw attention (flare gun, campfire)?

A: Flare gun - yes. Campfires will play the role of an atmospheric attribute, it will be possible to cook food on it, and it can also be used to draw attention.

Q: What about trenches and other engineering structures related to the deformation of the earth?

A: In the future we will think about such things. It would be interesting and unusual.

Q: Will it be possible to craft traps?

A: We are planning to add such possibilty. Traps can be used to hunt other players and to protect your home. By traps we mean man-made technical means — hunting traps, stretch marks, handmade mines (remote-controlled mines). Such things will be implemented closer to the main release.

Q: Do you plan to implement fully functional control panel for private servers administrators?

A: Yes. All server setting combined in administration control panel. Poking around in scripts and other text documents will not be necessary.

Q: Will there be military camouflages in addition to regular civilian clothes?

A: Yes, they will. Russian "Gorka" is already in-game. This is one of the first sets of clothes which was made at an early stage of game development. Other military kits will be added to the game later.

Q: Will there be imagers for weapons and night vision devices in the game?

A: We haven't thought about such things yet. But we can immediately say that if such things are in the game, then they will be very rare and mined only in fairly complex missions. We do not consider it correct to make them of mass use. This can severely hit the balance of the game, in particular, at night, and cause a strong negative for players who for some reason cannot use these special devices.

Q: Will there be the common voice / text char in the lobby / game and will there a possibility to establish a players cooperation in the lobby?

A: The game have a general text chat. Voice chat will only work locally for characters in the immediate vicinity (10-20 meters). As for the lobby, we will try to make a system that allows you to cooperate with friends at the server selection stage.

Q: Will there be anti-cheat?

A: Sure. We have EasyAntiCheat in game.

Q: Will it be possible to set fire (set fire to wood, grass)?

A: If such things are realized, the spread of fire should be fairly limited in area, otherwise it will break a lot of things in the game, for example, the mechanics of missions.

Q: Will the game support new RTX ray tracing technology?

A: Perhaps. This will become clear closer to the release of the game, when all major gameplay moments will be implemented in the bulk of the game.

Q: Is there a player-to-player trading system in the game?

A: There is no trading between players through the shop/auction. Only trading with NPC. But you can always trade directly with the players, because there’s money in the game and you can always give it to anyone.Perhaps we will implement some kind of trade mechanism between two players close to each other with the help of a special interface that will guarantee a secure trade. We’ve done similar thing before in our other game.

Q: What other games have you developed?

A: We have long been developing and supporting a tactical step-by-step MMORPG "UFO Online: Invasion" In 2019 it turned 10 years old and it still functions.

Q: In combat contact with NPC, you can hide from them, for example, behind trees, houses, bushes, for example?

A: Yes, you can run away from the NPC, and if it loses sight of you, it stops the pursuit.(edited)

Q: Will the world of the game be divided into zones of moss complexity and loot level?

A: Yes, some facilities, such as military bases/warehouses or some bunkers, will generate a higher-level/expensive/rare loot. It may not necessarily be guarded by more hard bots, but if you’re in the vicinity of such facilities, you might be able come across them. We can’t tell you what they’re going to be armed with and what kind of danger they’re going to pose to the players right now. One thing is certain - the rarest and most expensive loot can only be obtained through a mission.

Q: Will there be armour-piercing or incendiary munitions?

A: We have made it possible for the ammunition to be different in terms of the intensity of damage and the number of bullets fired simultaneously from the barrel (shotgun or bullet cartridges for shotguns). With the introduction of the armor-bearing factor, we have not yet determined. Either way, we’ll think about it.

Q: Missions against NPC - what is it?

A: Mission events and bots live in the world, on par with all player characters, bots and events. Any player can enter the zone where the mission takes place and help other players to complete it, or try to stop them from competing for the prize money.

Q: Is it possible to shoot from a car?

A: This option will not be available when the game is released early. But we’ll think about it anyway, because it’s a pretty interesting tactical moment.

Q: When and in what form do you plan to add wildlife (animals) and will it be possible to add hunt/fishing?

A: The introduction of the wild animals to the game is directly related to how successful we will be at improving server mechanisms, which we’re currently working on. This is the major task which demands a lot of time, but these changes should provide us with an ability to increase the amount of AI and players without the performance drops. We’re considering the introduction of fishing.

Q: Will there be female characters?

A: The gameplay itself implies having a lot of different clothing and equipment for characters. If we add the new type of character the amount of these items will increase accordingly and we will need to create them too. Such usage of the human resources will be counter productive for current stage of the game development.

Q: Will there be a way to increase the number of slots in the safe zone?

A: Despite the opportunity to increase the number of slots by buying supporter pack there are no other options planned.

Q: Will coop management of the base and respawn on it be available?

A: Yes, both of these aspects are part of the base management system we’re currently developing. This system includes not only an ability for the players to spawn on bases but also the mechanism to set up rights for different roles in the group.(edited)

Q: Will the game have big cities?

A: We’re planning on having larger cities with the appropriate infrastructure so they would look more realistic, but the size and detail of these locations directly affects the resource consumption for PC, which has the client opened, and consequently the game performance too. In addition, the design of the location itself affects the gameplay too. While planning such points of interest, we don’t want to destroy the balance by sacrificing the gameplay and players without top PCs.

Q: Are you planning on adding more advanced craft system and what will it affect?

A: We’re not planning to radically change the craft system but we will be working on the improvements and making changes which you’re asking us for. For example, we intend to include in the next update an ability to craft multiple similar items in one click if you have enough resources.

Q: How do you see the development of a base functionality and what additional elements you’re planning to add (functional and cosmetic)

A: Firstly, we want to give the players opportunity to create light sources and power cells for them. It is something we’re severely lacking during nighttime. Of course, you can set a fire but it is not that convenient comparing with placing light sources such as lamp or petrol generator, which is required for the proper work of a lighting system. As you may have already guessed it requires the fuel, which we also need to add, to charge the generator. But other than that, we plan to implement such functional things as workbench to create wall upgrades and other elements for bases (perhaps decorative upgrades and functional in the form of improving the durability of the base elements). From the purely decorative elements we plan to have furniture and other interior decorations which would just please the base residents’ eyes (theme posters, hunting trophies, shelves which could contain rare weapon types)

Q: What about the console version?

A: It will all depends on how fast we will get to the final stage of the game and release it on PC. In any case we would like to see Deadside on consoles. But for now, we can’t give you the exact date.

Q: I’m playing on GFN, Steam remote play (etc) – Will the game have gamepad support?

A: Not planned yet

Q: Is there any chance we get “Zombie” mode on the separate servers?

A: We do not exclude the possibility of the implementation of a separate mode or a game on the Deadside basis, which will take place in zombie apocalypse. This genre is slowly becoming less popular but it is obviously will not fade away for a long time.

Q: Do you plan to add a clan system to the game and how do you see it?

A: We definitely need to add a clan system in basic form at least, but it’s hard to say when and in what form it will appear in game. Perhaps some of its functions will appear in the base management system.

Q: How do you see the further development of the game? Which direction it will go and what will be the final result?

A: The game positions itself as hardcore open-world PvPvE shooter with survival elements – it is a sandbox where we thoughtfully arrange toys for you so you would never get bored and could choose the activity for your liking, do it alone or with your friends. We want to give you freedom of choice in the lively open world filled with events and opportunities. In addition, we plan to further expand the variability of settings and functionality of private servers, so that you always have the opportunity to create your own world and play by your own rules.

Q: How soon do you intend to add different weather events to the game?

A: The weather events are cool and atmospheric but we always start with basic things while developing the game. Until the game won’t have every basic system implemented and necessary content for it, we won’t be doing non-essential objects.

Q: Will there be more advanced and extended system for weapon modification? Influence of mods on weapon behavior?

A: Yes, we have plans for developing weapon mod system. Some elements such as a bipod will change the weapon behaviour during shooting and a silencer, and a magazine of high capacity will affect the gameplay itself.

Q: Do you plan on adding more advanced medical system (first aid kits, stimulators, etc., possible debuffs from them)?

A: Yes, we plan to add more mechanically advanced medical items. For example, soon there will be a special stimulator that will quickly restore your health but at the same time will decrease the hydration level of your character. It means that it will help you to survive challenging situation in a battle, but at the same time you will need to quickly find yourself food and water.

Q: Will there be a new addition to Supporter Pack?

A: Yes, in future. We won’t say how exactly this new content will look like but we’re considering several options.

Q: When will the mechanics of laying and swimming appear in the game?

A: As soon as we have free time :) We perfectly understand that this is basic things and we plan to realize them as soon as possible.

Q: Will the game have character statistics (distance travelled, number of bots/men killed etc.) Will we have ranking tables for players?

A: Not planned yet.

Q: Will there be an ability to use Steam community market to trade game items and skins?

A: This is an interesting thought and we’ll definitely consider it as soon as we begin our work on skins.


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How to report inappropriate Behavior of another player.

It is something pretty annoying when there is a user in the server being a complete douch and acting in the need of attention. These users are everywhere on a daily base. Something we all have to face. Luckely, there are ways to report those players to steam.

!!NOTE: For hacker reports, make sure you also send a report towards EAC about the issue!!

User Profiles/Avatars

Sometimes, the user might be using images that should not belong in the online world of steam. Reporting this user should be done the following way.

  1. Navigate to the user's Steam Community profile that you would like to report.
  2. Click on the large "More" button in the upper-right corner of the page. A menu will pop up.
  3. Select "Report Violation" from the dropdown
  4. Select a category of the abuse and enter a brief description of the abuse. In this case, its related to a profile image that's offended.

How to report abusive behavior of a online player.

  1. Navigate to the user's Steam Community profile that you would like to report.
  2. Click on the large "More" button in the upper-right corner of the page. A menu will pop up.
  3. Select "Report Violation" from the dropdown.
  4. Tell us more about the type of behavior this person is engaged in.
  5. They are harassing myself or someone I know.
  6. Submit this account for review.
  7. select DEADSIDE.
  8. And tell as much detail as possible what happened and when.
Deadside - Support

Common Questions & Errors - Deadside

Q: When is the next update?

A: The updates are not on a set schedule we get them when they are ready, when one is ready the developers will let us know.

Q: What are you doing about the hit reg issues?

A: The team are aware of the problem with Hit-Reg and are constantly looking at ways to improve it. However there is no quick fix it will involve many small tweaks and extensive testing to figure out the root cause and ultimately fix the problem.

Q: How do I report a cheater?

A: If you are on a private server contact the admin of that server with evidence of the cheater, if you are on official server you can send report directly to EAC. You may also report to any CM online but preferably Lucas or Supernova, if you have sufficient video evidence.

Q: Do bases despawn over time?

A: Currently after 7 days the base and storage will despawn, login once a week to stop this from happening, this may change in the future

Q: Why can't I access the test server? It says 'incompatible version'

A: This is because there is nothing to test right now, when we have new content over there an announcement will be made.

Q: How can I switch between the main scope & red dot on the HMR?

A: You cannot switch sights on the HMR at this stage. The option to switch between the two sights will be added with future updates

Q: Game Security Violation Detected - HELP!

A: This might because there is a 3th party program active that should not be running. In some cases, this is a false trigger and fixing your gamefiles trough the steam platform is mostly the solution. However, in some other cases, this could be related to windows itself. Check EAC support and contact them in case this would happen more often. Another solution would be the reinstallment of Easy Anti Cheat itself, but 99% its the gamefiles that are corrupted.

Known issues ( fixed dev blog Sept. 2020 at EAC ) If you play games under EAC you have to disable all your RGB control systems in your desktop computer. It detects lightning service, LED keeper, and mystic light as illegal 3th party programs. 

Deadside - Support

DLC missing - Deadside Guide

Several people that love the game has also bought the supporter pack of Deadside. While the DLC should be automatically downloaded and added to your game, is this sometimes not the case with steam. This is because you are actively running another game or because you disabled automatically downloads. 

To apply your bought DLC, its very simple to do this in a few easy steps. 

Step 1 - The DLC

When you bought the dlc, you should be able to find this back on the right side of your steam client screen. Click on Manage my DLC.


Step 2 - The download process

Check the checkbox on the DLC to be added and close down the screen. The download will be started and you will be able to enjoy your downloaded DLC. Keep in mind, its smart to wait before the download is complete or that you close down the game first in order to apply the DLC towards your game. 


Step 3 - There is no step 3

Great right? in just 2 simple steps, you can enjoy your wicked bought DLC.

Deadside - Gametips

All Deadside Game tips can be found back here.

Deadside - Gametips

Missions - Deadside

When it comes to Deadside its missions, there is at this moment only one kind of mission during this beta release. Once there is more information and new missions, we will be adding these towards the list in order for you to see what you have to do during your mission session. As always, keep an eye out for AI as well for actually online players, missions is a function in the game that you can do along with others, to create the ultimate battle, and to reap the rewards of course!

Based on mission tiers, the amount of cash and rewards are huge and high risk will come across when you would be gunned down. Going back there could be fast, but with an active server that’s full all the time, it surely won’t be an easy task.


The rewards are depending on each class and how much of AI you have killed. Playing as a team makes the rewards even better then if you would be playing alone. Keep in mind to always be in a squad, this way you can see who is from your squad before you shoot any friendly hostiles by accident.

The rewards itself variates between 25k and 75k depending on what items you get in the crate. The highest we had was a whopping 50K worth of items. The items you find in these crates are perfect for your collection in your base, as long you would be able to fetch it on time and place it in your base on time. Other players, cannibals, and military squads will visit soon once the event is over.


The objective is mostly related to killing all AI, but in the future, more missions will be added in order to bring some mixed missions that everyone would like to do as it also provides some nifty extra touch on what to do during a mission.

Deadside - Gametips

Raiding - Deadside

How to raid a base on deadside?

Keep getting killed by a specific player all the time? Well, today its your chance to fight back! This guide will explain what you have to do in order to raid someone else his base on deadside. Luckely, its not the usual way most people know, for example this is not a raid system like rust has, but more something with a twist.

When a player dies by another player in a PvP battle, there is a slightly chance that the victim has dropped a dogtag item. Any player can collect the dog tag from the body. Do keep in mind, there is only a limited amount of time for that dogtag to be picked up.

When you pick up the dogtag from the owner its inventory, the owner of that dogtag will receive notifications about the loss of it. a white timer will appear on the screen showing how long the dogtag can be used. During this time the owner can try to retrieve it and any other player can try to obtain it for himself and activate it.

The player, who used the dog tag (an activation happens from the inventory), receives the approximate location of the base, and after that the timer starts, during this period the base is vulnerable and its certain elements can be destroyed, and the content of the storage becomes available for all players.

You don’t receive the exact location of the base, so the only thing you have is marked area on the map which you can use to find the base. After someone activates the dog tag player who has lost it will receive a notification informing him that the location of his base has become known to the other players and it is now vulnerable for an attack, and the duration timer will change it color from white to red.

So, let’s say you’ve started the timer. What are you to do next? Can you politely knock on the door with an axe or maybe take a different approach and pick an electronic lock, using your hacker skills? Well, no. A base can simply have no doors. A total destruction is our choice. It is always more fun to blow everything up, so the building will be vulnerable to explosives, which we’re going to talk more about below.

But remember, if you attack someone’s base you can lose your dog tag and then you will face a choice whether you keep attacking or defend your base.

A radio-controlled improvised explosive device is an item that can be crafted and is designed to destroy player’s structures (during a raid). It possesses more destructive power than grenades and can also be used to annihilate enemy manpower. It can be activated by a special detonator, shot or with a detonation of another explosive, placed nearby.

Pay attention that it is the only way to destroy structures at the base! Each explosive device will only damage the element on which it is installed.!!

Explosive will not be lying around everywhere and it will be possible to craft it only from the special, pretty rare components, which you will need to obtain in the various game activities.!!

Base management

We’re introducing a new system – the registration of player at the base, which will allow a group of players to use the same base, regardless of the presence of the owner. Only an owner of the base can register another player at the base and only if this player stays on the territory of the base. You can’t be registered at someone’s base if you already own one, though. But if you can register someone at your base, then you should be able to delete him either, right? And, of course, you can do that too, but deleting this unwanted member will be possible only after a certain amount of time expired since his registration.

What does registration give you?

Deadside Game Items

Everything you should know about certain game items of Deadside can be found back here.

Deadside Game Items

Clothing & Gear information - Deadside

Nothing is better than a cheatsheet like this. What will earn you the most and what's going to give you additional protection? You can check it out down here.

If you are interested to help us updating this page, let us know about it on discord!
Item Name Armor Protection Slots Buy Price Sell Price
Tracksuit Jacket  - 2 1,000 -
Tracksuit Pants - 2 1,000 -
Jeans Jacket - 4 2,000 -
Jeans - 4 2,000 -
Gorka Jacket - 4 5,000 1,000
Gorka Trousers - 4 5,000 1,000
Hunter Vest NA 6 2,500 500
Field Vest NA 8 7,500 1,500
Tactical Vest NA 10 25,000 10,000
Police Vest NA NA 25,000 5,000
Assault Vest NA NA 50,000 10,000
Heavy Assault Vest 50% NA 150,000 30,000
Bag - NA 5000 1,000
Assault Backpack - NA 25,000 5,000
Typhoon Backpack - NA 50,000 10,000
Stalker Backpack - 15 150,000 30,000
Hard Hat NA - 1,000 200
Moto Helmet NA - 5,000 1,000
Tactical Helmet NA - 10,000 2,000
Assault Helmet NA - 20,000 4,000
Heavy Assault Helmet NA - 60,000 12,000
Balaclava - - 900 170
Ski Mask - - 1,400 280
Buff - - 1,400 280
Beanie - - 500 -
Panama - - 500 -
Tactical Gloves - - 1,000 200
Hunter Gloves - - 500 -
Improvised Backpack NA 5 - NA